TROUBLE MEN Sunrise on ocean Kif recordings
SILICON SOUL Right on 4 tha darkness Soma recordings
TROUBLE MEN Money money money... Kif recordings
MARTIN SOLVEIG Heart of africa Mixture stereophonic
MARTIN SOLVEIG Come with me (part 01) Mixture stereophonic
SPILLER If this ain't love (BMR club's cut) Hot tracks
DEMON - HEARTBREAKER You are my high 20000st
KINGS OF TOMORROW Tear it up (musacappella mix)  Distance recordings
DJ RYTHM Live from paris (nite life mix) Full house
AFRO MEDUSA Pasilda (knee deep & dub mix) Azuli recodings
AFRICANISM Tourment d'amour Yellow production
SALOME DE BAHIA Outro lugar   Yellow production
MARTIN SOLVEIG Come with me (part 02) Mixture stereophonic